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Week of 2/11/13 - 2/15-13

Created a Use case Diagram. It's very simple but thats the first part that was required. Also Reorganized the schedule do to a misunderstanding on the syllabus dates.

Posted by anton kronaj 2013-02-11

Its the small victories...

Last week I slacked in development due to quizzes and midterm. However this week I went full speed ahead.

The JME provided collision detection is geared towards a game that has a character that the user moves through key presses and the camera follows. Which in fact is awesome, if I was to be – or rather when I will be- designing such a game. But for the current circumstances is not suitable. So I will be designing my own collision-prevention algorithm,... read more

Posted by anton kronaj 2012-11-15

First week of (actual) development

During the past week I have gone through 8 tutorials on the JMonkey3 tutorial page to learn how to use the SDK. Everything I have learned can be related to the way things are done in OpenGL using C but much easier. Most of the low level functionality has been wrapped so it makes it a lot easier for a developer to use.

While following the tutorials I have also made a cheat sheet detailing some of the more used methods, ways and variables. This document will be of use to team members, if there are any, and to me as a reference while developing.... read more

Posted by anton kronaj 2012-11-03