Hi Andrew, JP, all,
I'll throw in my thoughts, too.
> - Aston Martin
Andrew calls them "Archers". I personally call the car an "Arrowhead".
By unintention, the name of a starfighter from a great side-scrolling shoot-em-up series is called an R-9.
> - Chevrolet
>      Geneva (Chevrolet is originated from Swiss)
>      Bowtie, Detroit, Chewy,
Do we have any Chevs?
The Corvette C6-R / Vulture V6/R is originally by Chevrolet, so yeah.
Corvette is not a manufacturer Andrew! ;)
> - Ferrari
>      Rampante
>      Cavallante, Cavallini, Cavalleri, Venesia, Bari, Maranzo
I called the Ferrari in the LS1 group a "Cavallo".
I would go with Cavallo as well.
> - Lamborghini
>      Torodoro
>      Archer, Aquila, Agata
The LS1 Ciclon. It just has that catchy vibe.
> - Lotus
>      Coldman
>      Hethel, Norfolk, Crackman, Hurtskin (founder=Colin Chappman),
The recent LS1 lambo was named a Ciclon, as was the Lotus in the supercars set.  Does it really matter that they're not the same IRL manufacturer?
The Ciclon never really looked too much like a Lotus to me. It actually looked very fresh and original in it's appearance.
> - Ford
>    * GT40 (V8, 40 inches high)
>      Turbot-40
GT400 sounds better :)  We need to come up with a good short manufacturer name for Ford.
I thought of GT101 (101 cm = 40 in, roughly), but then decided it sounded too... corny.
> - Honda / Acura
>    * NSX
>      F16 (this jet fighter inside cockpit visiblility
>           inspired the NSX body design)
Heh, well ... maybe :)  There's a ring to "NSX", similar to other three letter abbreviations like MP3 and GFC.  I'd prefer keeping something ending in X at least...

JSR ? Shout out to you know who ;)
I know you'll hate me for saying this, but the LS1/LS2 and (future) Touring carsets will make the TRB1 set totally irrelevant.  The TRB1 cars are a mishmash of cars from different racing groups - GT3 (car1, car2), old GT1 (car3), old GT2 (car4, plus 6 & 7 look like this class) and a tourer (car5).  They were made for robots to drive in the TRB, not humans, and despite the work Haruna's done the LS carsets will surpass them.
The external work of the LS cars are amazing, yes - but those dashboards are as frustratingly minimalistic as the old TRB1s. And to add insult to injury, practically unskinnable. 
> * TRB1, SuperCars, 36GP : No change
> * (American) Le Mans Series => Long day Series
>    - (A)LMS => LS (1, 2, 3) as already proposed by Andrew
>      But: What about LDS (the D from "day", consistent with LMS) ?
When I created the markings for the Longday Series, all of the cars sport both "LS1" and "LD-S1" markings.
They are thus both correct.
Track-insert-letters-here - put them all in one group, Track, and then remove cars that have replacements
in newer groups or really don't have a logical reason for being there.  Keep in mind that most of those old
cars have terribly ugly 3D models and don't drive well either.
I thought of it in another way: cars that could be in a "track" category should get a single makes category. No other cars in the category, and each single make class has it's own .xml. The SuperCup/gt3rs is the first example of this.
> that way, it's straightforward to integrate these old cars in the game
>    if people want to play with them (of course for the ones
>    we release in the "unmaintained" packages, but also for all other
>    more or less published packages).
I really don't like this, sorry.  Our aim is to produce cars that drive better, compete together properly, look spectacular and have good robots driving them.  None of these old cars fit that aim at all, and keeping them around for their own sake detracts from the good work we're doing with the new cars.  We'd have a mixed quality release - some good stuff and some old bad stuff - and that won't impress anyone.

Wouldn't it be better to release fewer cars, but make them high quality or at least cars that make sense?  The promise of more cars to come in future releases will interest people, not making the old TORCS leftovers from 2001 available.  If someone's desperate to drive the old maclaren-f1, let them install TORCS.  Just my view of things, take it or leave it :)
If hard-headed gamers want old-school TORCS, they can download and install old-school TORCS versions. I say we get rid of all of the old car models, besides the porsche-gt3rs.
Oh, and simuv2 as well.
That's my text novel for today,