Hi all,
I had an idea that popped up, regarding livery management.
In TORCS-NG if you want to change your livery you have to manually replace it with a new file.
That's really cumbersome, given I like to have user-definable things be definable by the game.
My idea is that each individual livery has it's own folder in the car's directory. The game detects each folder, looking for the car's respective texture in the folder (ie. a ls1-r9.png texture in Livery_A folder of ls1-r9). If it's detected in game, the user can then select it from a menu, maybe with a preview of the car. Maybe we should extend it so that robots can use it too.
When the game goes online, I hope for the ability to download liveries that one doesn't have: it could go into a folder called "Temporary liveries" and all the liveries downloaded from racing online could be located there.