If anyone is interested in understanding network gaming here is a very good link.

It talks about Microsoft technologies, but everything in applies to network gaming.  Including what I am doing.


On Mon, Aug 31, 2009 at 6:39 PM, Brian <bgavin71@gmail.com> wrote:

What do you mean by "peer-to-peer" here ? Does this means that
the communications between the clients and server
do no longer follow the start scheme (server at the center of the star) ?

Before the race, it is a client-server system with the server choosing the race settings and everyone connecting to the server.  During the race, I am using what some people call a hybrid system.  Each player(client) does their own physics and  sends/broadcasts their car position information to all other players.  The host still keeps track of somethings such as the winner of the race and a few other things.  In my original plan I was worried the physics wouldn't work right without the server doing all of the physics.  My testing has shown that clients doing physics works ok.  The peer-to-peer hybrid reduces the latency and bandwidth requirements.  All robots are still controlled on the server.