Hello Xavier, Hello Simon,


here some figures for the Supercars fuel consumption:


Formula: (21 = Trackfactor for Aalborg)


Sqrt(MaxTorque) * RevLimit/10000 * (Fuel Consum Factor)^3 * 21 = Fuel kg/100 km


Cavallo: Sqrt(373) * 8500/10000 * 1.25*1.25*1.25 * 21 = 68 (Simplix fuel consume at Aalborg 66,5 kg/100 km)

Lynx: Sqrt(644) *7200/10000 * 1.25*1.25*1.25 * 21 = 75 (Simplix fuel consume at Aalborg 70,0 kg/100 km)

Spirit: Sqrt(372) *8500/10000 * 1.1*1.1*1.1 * 21 = 45 (Simplix fuel consume at Aalborg 44,0 kg/100 km)

Boxer: Sqrt(418) *8500/10000 * 1.1*1.1*1.1 * 21 = 48 (Simplix fuel consume at Aalborg 46,0 kg/100 km)

FMC GT4: Sqrt(608) *7000/10000 * 1.15*1.15*1.15 * 21 = 55 (Simplix fuel consume at Aalborg 52,5 kg/100 km)








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Hi Wolf-Dieter, Hi Simon,

there is another problem on human, calculating the fuel is far from perfect. Forza for 20 laps it loads 90 L and 75 L on espie over which obviously can not make him lose that second lap.

I thought include a private section in human for include fuel per lap as I had do for USR, but I'm not sure that these solution was very good ... if you have a better idea ...




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Hello Simon,

at brondehach with default setup the simplix needs abaout 1:38.
We will see how much faster it will be when the track setups are done.

One of the target topics for the new setups is to make it able to drive the supercars in rain. One of the key parameters here is the brake balance. As Kristˇf defined 0.6 for the default of the car type and the human driver, this value is for dry tracks only.

For rain the value has to be smaller, resulting in less braking at the front.

This means you have to have a human driver setup for the car driving in rain.



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