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Subject: [Torcs-ng-devel] Some (maybe crazy) ideas

> - I realise that Andrew had created a patch for TORCS where the steering wheel and driver's arms are
> animated using the measurement of how much the car is steering. I wonder, could this be done for the
> acceleration/brake values?

Do you mean so that when braking the driver leans forward a little, and his head goes back on acceleration?
I guess its possible, though its a lot more work to be done creating animated driver models...

> Engine damaging through abusive driving was a thought:

Hmm, maybe.  Personally I'd prefer an option to be able to drive _without_ damage.  An option mind you;
not having that as the default.

> Defining tyres by using seperate surfaces.xml files is another crazy idea from me:

All tyre characteristics can already be defined on a per car (per wheel) basis in the car's XML.  Nothing
new needed here I think.

> In some respects, TORCS, even on pro difficulty is still too forgiving in some ways: damage of the car
> one of them. I can slam into a barrier at about 200 km/h ingame and still drive off with "a bent fender"
> (less than 2000 damages). We could lower the limit (maybe 5000), or even define this individually amongst
> all cars (the best solution IMO): after all we can't get away with side-by-side tapsies in a open-wheeler
> or LMP as much as a touring car... if at all ;)

I think what you're saying is there could be a "toughness" value in car setups that says how resistant the
car is to damage from collisions.  I think that'd be an excellent addition to the game.

> It's almost impossible to flip a car in simuv3, and when they do flip they always land back on their wheels.
> Cool, but not cool and unrealistic sometimes at the same time. Maybe the cars are equipped with cats and
> french toast and butter?

Hehe, the buttered cat array - I haven't heard that one in years :)  I think its more down to the car setup
than anything in simuv3.  I've been able to roll my 1930s racers very easily.  Another thought though is
that rolling should be brought into simuv2...

> Dynamic camber (car suspensions/wheels):

I know what you're saying is realistic, but it would make life very difficult for highly-tuned robots.

There's other factors of a similar nature that could be brought in - buildup of rubber on the track during
a race, sand/dirt on the track from cars that have gone off & come back, aerodynamic damage from collisions
and the big one - loss of grip from cold or wearing tyres.  All would require big advances in how robots
work, which would require considerable effort to implement.

> Style driving mode, where objective is to slide the car without crashes or going off-course:

Drifting is fun.  It'd be interesting to have a mode where drivers were awarded a point score based
on drift-racing rules.  We'd need cars specifically setup for drifting too I guess, and robots that knew
how to drive that way.  Maybe one day :)

> Different modifications to the car bodies for cars to stand out, for example a USR bot using a different front splitter, or a berniw with an "air scoop" on the rear window...

A simple change to allow that would be for TORCS-NG to look for the .acc model in the driver's directory
first, and if it doesn't find it there to then look in the car directory.  This is certainly feasible.