combo box for TK

  • I started using spectcl recently and noticed that there is no combobox as a basic widget.  Is there anyway to build one into spectcl? Is there an extension that can be added that would have one?
    Does TK have a combo box?

    • how to create combo box in tcl/tk
      i have create menu bar by using one frame and embed menu in menubar by menubutton widget but it is not pop up nor show any activation deactivation of menubutton when mouse is hover on menu

    • Lan Barnes
      Lan Barnes

      I, too, need the combobox in SpecTcl. In my copy I see that labelframe and panedwindow widgets have been added, so I presume that others can be.

      I want to add the BWidgets version because it's pure Tcl and has, I believe, a better chance of being cross platform.

      Are there any hacking notes on adding widgets, or do I have to figure it out myself?