menu idea

  • about the menu editor - have a look at the one in visual TCL - i really like the tree view at the menu which is there.  in spec tcl i couldn't figure out how to use the editor at first - which isn't nice.

    why aren't multiple windows supported?  or are they and i'm missing something?


    • Thanks for the suggestion - it's great to get some feedback. I'll keep it in mind, but it does sound like a lot of work seeing as I don't want to use any extensions in SpecTcl.

      The multiple windows are only supported by using separate files for each window. These can then be sourced by the main program (written in your favourite editor). This is intentional - SpecTcl is a tool to help with window layout as opposed to being a complete IDE like Visual Tcl. This makes it more flexible and easier to integrate into existing projects. This is the very reason that I prefer it to things like Visual Tcl or Visual Gypsy.


    • perhaps You're right about the lack of multiple windows support.  *but* does that imply the lack of ability to edit multiple 'documents' at once?   right now i have to close one and open another to edit it, why not add the ability of seamlessly switching between documents.. (without changing the file format and the fact that each document is a separate window in a separate file).  what do you think?


      • This is actually on the wish list - I'll note an extra vote for it. I don't know when anyone will have time for it though, there's quite a bit of work in it. A cheaper alternative could be to add previously opened files to the "File" menu so that they are quicker to open again - one will however still need to save changes each time one changes from one file to another.

        If you really need to edit two files at a time at the moment, you can still run two SpecTcls at the same time - memory usage isn't that bad on modern computers.