#8 GUIB spt for ttk under Tcl8.6b1

Dave Burns

GUIB Rev 153 contained partial support for Ttk widgets. The attached ZIP file "GUIB_ttk_mods.zip" contains modified rev153 sources that were tested under 8.6b1 (patthoyt's). A text file/script named "ttkTestStartup" contains changelog information and a description of remaining problems, to wit:

# GUIB Remaining Shortcomings & Issues after TTK spt is added for Tcl86b1:
# - For TTk option "-padding", there is no parsing & checking done in GUIB: accepts a string
# - New "Justify" toolbar GIF (images/justify_TTkDft.gif) for "TTk" Default has wrong background color
# - No testing was done on any platform other than MS windows, and only with Tcl86b1.
# - All testing was done without IWidget package available
# - Generated code testing was done ONLY for language=Tcl (no Perl et.al.)
# Remaining Outright Bugs
# - Occasionally an in-GUI resizing arrow fails to be initialized with it's "tag" (a "-1" gets
# assigned instead). This occurs either as the UI is saved or restored. It happened on a ttk
# labelframe with a ttk menubutton within it. This seems to be a problem that predates ttk changes,
# and results in an occasional "no slave in master" Tk error
# - The "center" value is not legal (in 8.6) for the value of the "-labelanchor" option (for Tk and TTk
# "labelframe" widget). Existing GUIB code is using the list of valid values for "-anchor" (which
# includes "center") rather than (a new, nonexistent type) "labelanchor" (which should not include
# "center").
# Changes:
# - Generalized spt for TTk,
# Files: src/ startup.tcl, wbuilder.tcl, menus.cmd, scroll.tcl, toolbar.tcl, properties.tcl, filters.tcl, subs.tcl, outline.tcl
# images/ justify_TTkDft.gif (NEW)
# Notes:
# + Changed the icon in the palette for Tk "labelframe" to match the icon used in Themed Tk for same
# + Added ttk::frame, ttk:labelframe and ttk:spinbox to Themed Tk lineup (spinbox implies 8.6)
# + Restrictions due to TTk 8.6b1 shortcomings/irregularities are handled ad-hoc,
# (particularly "-font" for ttk::entry vs. ttk::label)
# + For want of a knowledge of proper use of the tool to code "justify_TTkDft.gif",
# the text background of this (new) GIF file is white, rather than transparent.
# - Added "menubutton" to old Tk lineup (wbuilder.tcl)
# - Arranged to version the gui cache-filename to prevent re-using stale cache from other GUIB install (port.tcl)
# - Help file lookup failure under windows fixed (help.tcl)
# - Fixed failure to load previously-saved non-existent project file resulted in tcl error (save.tcl)

Also within that file are copies of tkChat sessions covering 8.6 remaining issues that prevent GUIB from functioning as fully as it might.


  • Dave Burns
    Dave Burns

    rev153 modified sources for operational ttk spt