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INACTIVE: Sparrow: Java Data Objects / News: Recent posts

Site now at: SparrowDB.org

SparrowDB.org has been registered and is live. It currently has the same content as the old sparrow.ikestrel.com but will be updated as the project moves forward.

Posted by Joel Shellman 2001-11-09

Goals and Roadmap Discussion

We are currently discussing the goals and roadmap of the Sparrow project. Pleaes join us on the developer mailing list to have your input heard. Thank you!

Posted by Joel Shellman 2001-11-09

Subprojects list started

I've started adding the various subprojects to the Task list.

Posted by Joel Shellman 2001-05-02

Initial stubs for JDO interfaces uploaded to CVS

CVS now has the JDO spec'ed interfaces implemented. Not much to see yet, but we'll be discussing architecture and try to get a proof of concept working ASAP.

Posted by Joel Shellman 2001-05-02