#16 infinite loop in database

Selene Scriven

This is the same as the "corrupt database" bug. I've
experienced it multiple times with different versions
of spamprobe, and don't know what to do about it. Last
time, I started a new DB based on previous spam folders
and other folders, but I'd like to avoid this if possible.

The "spamprobe dump" command loops the same section of
data (shows up to about the letter "g", then loops back
to "2" which isn't the beginning of the sorted data).
The "spamprobe cleanup" command seems to run forever,
probably going through the same section like dump does.

It still seems to evaluate messages just fine though;
terms show up from the entire alphabet; not just up to
"f". I just can't clean or dump the DB. The first
time this happened to me, the DB was 47MB, and my
current one is 30MB (created by spamprobe 0.8b).

I made a small program to watch the output of
"spamprobe dump" and it tells me the loop occurs from
"h8uhbjm0026824 for" to "201tblue.html blue" and
happens 245077 entries into the database. The loop
stays the same each iteration, and includes 217334
entries. Each loop takes about a minute.

I've been running db3_dump for about half an hour now,
and it looks like it's encountering the same loop. ...
db4.1_dump seems to fare no better.


  • Selene Scriven
    Selene Scriven

    spamprobe dump | cut -c40- | sortloop.py

  • Brian Burton
    Brian Burton

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    Using PBL instead of Berkeley DB seems to eliminate these sorts of problems.

  • Brian Burton
    Brian Burton

    • status: open --> closed-fixed