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SPAMGrinderProxy v2.1 Released!

Version 2.1 adds multi-threaded support for SMTP and POP3 filtering. A new connection timeout setting has also been added.

Posted by Mike 2004-01-31

SPAMGrinderProxy v2.0 Released!

Version 2.0 provides SMTP filtering in addition to POP3. E-mails can now be scanned at the mail server or client, or both. Other minor enhancements were also made. If upgrading from v1.x, you'll need to backup and remove your old config.xml file and then make changes to the new one.

Posted by Mike 2004-01-06

SPAMGrinderProxy v1.1 Released!

A Windows (NT/2000/XP) POP3 spam filter proxy that runs as a service and can work with (or without) SpamAssassin to flag spam e-mail messages.

Posted by Mike 2003-12-23

SPAMGrinderProxy v1.0 Released!

This first release has been tested with SpamAssassin v2.61 and Outlook Express and appears to work great. The built-in filters have not been tested. See the project home page for more info.

Posted by Mike 2003-12-16