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V0.1c released

It seemed, that there were some problems regarding IMAP-Scanning. I've now changed the way, spamcruncher scans through the different folders and it should work now. Remember, that spamcruncher is still BETA!

Posted by Dennis Plöger 2003-06-25

Spamcruncher-homepage launched

After some time of having my server down, I now uploaded the spamcruncher-homepage. I know, that it's quite rudimentary, but I just have no time for webdesign right now.

Posted by Dennis Plöger 2003-06-11

Project homepage in progress

I've just made a quick homepage for spamcruncher and will upload it in a few hours.
There you will find links for the needed perl-modules.

Posted by Dennis Plöger 2003-06-03

V0.1b released

This is the first release of spamcruncher. Basic functions are available and the script should function well. Let me know, if there are any bugs in this release or features you would like for future releases.

Posted by Dennis Plöger 2003-06-03

This is spamcruncher.

Welcome to spamcruncher.

Do you know that situation: You open your email-account and 22 messages are waiting for you? Then you open your inbox and realize, that 22 of 22 messages are spam and your email-provider doesn't give you anti-spam-software for free?

With spamcruncher you can easily purge your POP3 or IMAP-mailaccount of spam with one of the best spam-detection-engines available: SpamAssassin. SpamCruncher is a small perl-script, that makes it easy for you to scan, save, delete or move spam-messages in your remote mailboxes.... read more

Posted by Dennis Plöger 2003-06-03