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Abuse version released

Version is a minor release of Abuse, a spam back-tracker and lart sending program. It's primary purpose is to examine the header of a spam email, locate the ISP the spam was sent from, go on-line and check NICs, open relay DBs and black-listed IP ranges to discover the address of the abuse-desk for the spammer's ISP, then
prepare and send a lart to the ISP identifying their spam-sending customer's address.

This release provides support for another SMTP authentication method allowing Abuse to connect to more SMTP servers. This newly supported method provides for a more secure method of logging onto your SMTP server. It doesn't require any changes to the information currently provided by the user. If authentication is requested, Abuse will determine if the SMTP server supports this method and use this method as the first choice. Also includes a complete rewrite of the German translation, added a French help file, updates to the French translation and minor changes to the user interface.

Posted by developerdx 2006-08-10