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Spalah Flash / News: Recent posts

New branch. Spalah as Inkscape external exstension.

Work on spalah as inkscape external extension was started.

It will be a command line tool for converting SVG to SWF.

You can see progress of work in Spalah Flash->Testing page.

Posted by Active Perl 2004-08-12

Spalah Flash 0.03 released!

Rewriten structure of program. It allows to do import SVG file in current document, create many views of one document, open several documents. Also program divided to "visible", "invisible" and "swf" parts.

New feature "Fit_Text_to_Path". Improved support of text nodes. IMAGE node support (in editor). Added rulers.

Begin testing on "W3C SVG testsuite"

Posted by Active Perl 2004-05-31

New project - Spalah CMS

Spalah CMS
is a simply content management system for small- and medium-sized Web sites. Writen in Perl.

Posted by Active Perl 2004-05-11

Spalah 0.02 released!


# scene enhancement
# zoom (in, out, 1:1, fit)
# timeline
# animation(x,y,width,height) SVG to SWF
# play SWF movie ( need gflashplayer )
# added support node types LINE, TEXT (partialy)

Posted by Active Perl 2004-02-10

Spalah Flash 0.01 released!

* partialy support SVG
* partialy support CSS
* open SVG files
* export one frame to SWF
* display SVG objects and their properties

Posted by Active Perl 2004-01-20