#50 0.2.0 release

Jonathan Niehof


I'm opening up a ticket here for the next release, which I think we can safely call 0.2.0 because we've got a lot happening! I'm afraid this may not be completed until after my transition, so I wanted to make sure it didn't get lost.

Most of this is on my plate, unfortunately.

1) Move the mailing lists to SF
2) See if we can make a 64-bit Windows build against Anaconda. I've seen discussions that Anaconda plays nice in Wine, so that solves the problem of my Windows VM being 64-bit. I realize this is a bit of a late addition to the list, but I think it's worth it given the quantity of 64-bit Windows questions we've been getting
3) Try to do something about the ndarray subclassing problems. My plan is to go through our list of issues, turn them all into test cases, and then try to fix them with masked_array as a guide.
4) Take a look at the documentation. We've been pretty good about point-updating as things change, but I think it's time for a holistic look-over, to find places that have rotted (the QuickStart comes to mind) and try to polish it up a bit. I could use everybody's help on this.
5) Steve and Brian, were you looking at doing some spectrogram work? Do you need the dmarray work done beforehand?

Post anything else....


  • Oh, we need an irbem update, too. Steve, can you take a look at doing that and documenting the process? Maybe in the DISTRIBUTE document?

    And we should change the website to remove the "sign up to download" bits.

  • Dan Welling
    Dan Welling

    I've been working a LOT on pybats stuff, including py3.0 compatibility. I will have a bunch of stuff to push, but I've held off because I've completely effed the stream tracing and am working on fixing it. When I'm done, it will be true adaptive step with ghost-cell interpolation; I've found that these additions are absolutely necessary for accurate tracing.