bookmarking a set of tabs (feature request)


  • Anonymous

    spacefm is the best filemanager I found for linux so far! (linux newbee) Thanks a lot for this :D

    The only functionality I just can not find is bookmarking a set of tabs. Like the sessions in CubicExplorer on windows.

    I mean say you got 7 tabs open and you save that session. So next time you open the file manager and click under sessions on the saved tab-bookmarked-session, it opens those same 7 tabs. I need this a lot for my work.

    Alternatively a file manager could add folders for bookmarks and then a 'open all in folder' option. Just like browsers.

  • IgnorantGuru

    Thanks for your feedback. I wish SpaceFM was around when I first started using Linux. ;)

    Tab groups are part of a new design for SpaceFM's bookmarks, but not sure when that design will be implemented.

    Note that custom menu items of type Bookmark, not to be confused with the regular bookmarks, can contain multiple folders separated by semicolons. So you can right-click on almost any existing menu item, select New|Bookmark, choose a single folder. Then right-click on your new menu item, select Properties, and enter a semicolon-separated list of folders (or files) in Target.

    Also, you can open multiple tabs on the command line, or run spacefm while it's already running to open additional tabs. See some examples.

    Also note that feature requests are best placed on the issue tracker if you want them to get attention - they tend to get lost in the forum. In this case though, as I said tab groups are already part of a design. But if you'd like notifications on it, I think there is already an issue open on the tracker for this, and you can subscribe to it, or if not open a new one.

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