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 First, a little bit about the project ...

    This project is a battle simulator 2 or more spacecraft, taking into consideration the fact that each ship is a complex engineering - technical construction of the enormous mass and inertia, with all the consequences from here ...

    Battles can take place both in the open space, and the orbits of the planetary or solar system, due account being taken of nearby attraction of massive bodies.

    Outdoor space may be empty, and can be filled with foreign objects as passive (PO) and active (AO). Passive objects - objects do not have in its composition, or with disabled power plants, ie ship turned off or at minimum reactors will appear as the passive object.

    Simulation of the battle will take place in a sphere of radius 4xR. The battle will continue until, until the specified time, or in 3xR will only friendly ships. Along the perimeter of the sphere are fighting 3xR stationary platform, the number of capacity can vary. When approaching him any ship, they will open fire on it a warning, and if it enters the zone (3-4)xR will open fire. After contact with the ship in an area of ​​more 4xR the ship is released battlefield use. At the beginning of the simulation, the coordinates of the fleet are chosen randomly, and the distance between the opponents in the range (1-2)xR. At the same protective system guard stations at the three levels above the maximum, and offensive are the maximum for a given location.


  1. Inertial model of Newtonian physics.
  2. Unique masalebi Design ships.
  3. Program management and tactics.
  4. Calculation of the battle in standalone mode.
  5. Visualization of the results of the battle in 3D (MinDev3D).
  6. User interaction through email or web.

 The project is supposed creation of:

  • Battlefield visualization systems, MinDev3D (in development, phase 1)
  • The message server - Monitoring the calculation in real time (in development,
    phase 1)
  • Server physical model - modeling of displacement and fight (in the project, phase 1)
  • Client Server Messaging, SDViewDev3D - Connects to the server to render the disposition of messages in real time (in development, phase 1)
  • Designer of ships (in the project, phase 2)
  • Debugger programs operational and tactical control (POU), and
    strategic planning program (PSU) (not yet planned, Phase 3)

    At the moment, designed a specialized dvizhek (in daleyneyshem MinDev3D) for visualization and animation movements at the level of quasi-graphical notations with minimal optimization of the rendering. At this stage - Phase 1, the use of external engines are planned for the following implementations, 2,3 phase, we plan to switch to OpenSceneGraph (OSG).

    MinDev3D designed on the principle of the chess board, that is, he has a clear and concise problem - rastavit objects in space and display them in human readable form, and all! An additional feature of this engine is the ability to read a map move (event log), and display them in the dynamics.


    The project is in planning stages, and at the moment

    only available, visualization of the disposition of the ships.

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