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Space.app / News: Recent posts

Space.App 0.85 Source/Binaries Released

Space.app is a virtual workspaces utility for Mac OS X.

Released the source to 0.85 as well as 2 binary formats. One is a Disk Image and the other is a PackageMaker format.

New Dock Icon in this release as well as code cleanup in preparation for the upcoming 10.3 release.

Was tested and compiled under Panther. Should work under Jaguar as well.

Posted by Tony Guntharp 2003-08-31

Space.app 0.8 released

Space.app is a virtual workspaces utility for Mac OS X.

I am please to announce the long-awaited sequel to Space.dock.

The new version abandons the dockling format in favor of Application Dock Menus and a floating palette. The user interface will be familiar to those who have used older versions of Space.app. The newest feature is global hotkeys: You can now set custom hot keys and use them to navigate between workspaces.

Posted by Riley Lynch 2002-06-04

Space.dock 0.7 released

The first release of Space.app for Mac OS X retail
includes a reworking of the interface: gone is the
button box, here is the dockling.

Posted by Riley Lynch 2001-04-04

Space.app 0.6 Source/Binaries released

Last night I uploaded the freshest binaries and a tarball of my Project Builder files, updating Versiontracker, Softrak and so on.

I chose not to use a CVS archive because the sourceforge CVS server does not support cvswrappers which allow directories of files (e.g. nibs) to be treated as atomic by CVS. Hopefully, as more MOSXS open source development ramps up, the good folks at sourceforge will see to it that their servers are updated to support cvswrappers.

Posted by Riley Lynch 2001-02-07

Made tasks, "beta" bug group

I've added a task for screenshot thumbnails, easily the most popular request, and created a "beta" bug list for all of the bug reports and feature requests to be handled before Space.app 1.0.

Posted by Riley Lynch 2001-01-21

Added bug / feature request list

I went through fifty response emails I have received and logged
the recurring feature request and bug reports.

Posted by Riley Lynch 2001-01-20

0.5 binaries released

The binaries for version 0.5 are now available here:


The source release will follow shortly.

Posted by Riley Lynch 2001-01-19