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How to compile SPTK in windows visual studio

Xingyu Na
  • Xingyu Na
    Xingyu Na

    I am a new user of SPTK. I found it a really amazing tool kit for speech researches.
    Is it possible to compile and to use it in windows?
    I have read the INSTALL and found no information about that.
    If it is possible, does the graphic tools still work?

  • Akira Tamamori
    Akira Tamamori

    Hi naxingyu,

    I'm the one of the maintainer of SPTK.
    Thank you for your question.

    We already prepare Makefile.mak for the compilation in windows.
    In the following procedure, It is assumed that you have already installed the latest version of Visual Studio C++.

    1. Input the following in the command prompt of your windows.
    > C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\VC\bin\vcvar32.bat

    2. At the source folder (SPTK-3.3), please input the followings .
    > nmake /f Makefile.mak
    > nmake /f Makefile.mak install

    However, we have found several bugs in Makefile.mak.
    So you have to modify the Makefile.mak accroding to the followings.

    1. In SPTK-3.3\lib\Makefile.mak, delete the following lines.

    2. In SPTK-3.3\bin\Makefile.mak, please modify the following lines.
    pcap.exe : pcap\pcap.obj
           $(CC) $(CFLAGS) /c $(@B)\$(@B).c
    pcap.exe : pca\pcap.obj
           $(CC) $(CFLAGS) /c pca\$(@B).c

    Please try and I hope you will successfully finish the installtion.
    However, I can't ensure the graphic tools works correctly for now.

    Best Regards,

  • Xingyu Na
    Xingyu Na

    Hi Akira,
    Thanks for your reply.
    I have compiled succesfully in VS9.
    I found that the graph related tools are ignored at the beginning of bin/Makefile.mak file
    When I added them, error occurs like: unresolved external symbol: _open_window
    I guest these are X-window related command.
    Does that mean the graphic tools cannot be used in Windows?

  • Akira Tamamori
    Akira Tamamori

    > Does that mean the graphic tools cannot be used in Windows?
    We're investigating the behavior of the commands for graphic tools (ex. fig, fdrw), including the compilation problem.
    It's better not to use the tools in Windows.

    Best Regards,