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       libsox-fmt-base.install changelog .cvsignore
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- Removed .so files that are now included in "libsox.so".


You might be interested in using the new --enable-dl-amrnb and --enable-dl-amrwb flags from SoX 14.3.1.  They require no external packages during build time but it will enable amr-nb and amr-wb support at runtime if it detects user has installed opencore-amr* shared libraries or even the older amr shared libraries.

If you do this, you'll probably want to use "--with-amrnb=yes --enable-dl-amrnb  --with-amrwb=yes --eanble-dl-amrwb" so that support will be in libsox instead of dynamically loaded (which Rob has found introduces quite a performance hit).

Also, Doug got --enable-dl-sndfile implemented in 14.3.1 so that it will enable libsndfile support at runtime (SoX won't link to and so won't need a dependency on libsndfile during install).  This currently does require libsndfile to be installed during the build portion though; so you'll still need your Build-Depends.

And finally, you might also consider "--with-mp3=yes --enable-dl-mad --without-lame" so that you can get rid of libsox-fmt-mp3 package and have mp3 support automatically enabled if it see's libmad installed at run time.  This could technically be done in 14.3.0 as well but its also been cleaned up quite a bit in 14.3.1.  It still needs Build-Depends on libmad as well.

Let us know if you try it out and it gives you any problems.