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Commit [2f6341] Maximize Restore History

(INTERNAL) Move snavigator/MAINTAINERS to root of sourcetree and update

o Now lists the Sourcenav Development Group (yes, that's us) and our homepage

freequaos freequaos 2007-05-02

copied snavigator/MAINTAINERS -> MAINTAINERS
--- a/snavigator/MAINTAINERS
@@ -1,10 +1,6 @@
-			Source-Navigator Maintainers
+Source-Navigator NG Maintainers
-Ian Roxborough
-Mo DeJong
-At this time, these are the only maintainers. If you are interested in being
-a maintainer for portions of Source-Navigator, join the developers
-mailing list and let us know. Please direct general Source-Navigator
-questions to the users mailing list instead of mailing the maintainers.
+Maintainance and development is done by the Sourcenav Development Group rather
+than individuals.
+The group is to be found at
+Please mail issues or patches to the sourcenav-devel mailing list.