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Customizable Path for CTAGS?

  • I've installed latest version of SourceCookifier (0.6) by copying the contents of the zip-file to plugin-folder of notepad++ (including *.dll and subfolders config and sourcecookifier).

    Trying to open sourcecookfier, a dialog box pops up, saying: "ctags.exe" version does not fit SourceCookifier version
    (contents of log file:
    2011-03-03 08-38-30:

    'ctags.exe' version does not fit SourceCookifier version!
       bei NppPluginNET.CTagsExe.Init()
       bei NppPluginNET.Settings.LoadSettings(TreeView treeview)
       bei NppPluginNET.frmMain..ctor(PluginBase pluginbase)
       bei NppPluginNET.PluginBase.InitFrmMain()
       bei NppPluginNET.PluginBase.ShowFrmMain()

    Either the delivered ctags.exe verison does really have the wrong version - or (more likely) SourceCoookifier uses a different CTags.exe than it's own …

    I do have more than one Ctags.exe on my system (even a few within different plugin-folders of NPP - plugins gtagsfornplus and tagsview do have their "own" ctags.exe ….)

    In this case it would be very helpful to have the ctags-path configurable within sourcecookifier, to be sure to point to correct ctags.exe ….

  • UFO

    1) Let me simply quote what you would get, when directly running the ctags.exe from the SourceCookifier package with "-version":


    2) SourceCookifier only uses the "ctags.exe" which is in the same folder as the core DLL ("SourceCookfierCore.dll"). You say you copied ALL files from the package, but I guess you skipped the ctags one somehow.
    3) I did not implement this check for fun. It is a meanwhile highly customized ctags.exe.

  • As I said: make the path for CTAGS customizable, as other NPP-plugins also might require a CTAGS.exe per default in the plugins directory - esp. as yours IS a highly customized ctags.exe (and other plugins might need standard ctags.exe)

    The structure of your sourcecookifier-ZIP does have the ctags.exe within a subfolder "sourcecookifier". Haven't found an instruction within the README or somewhere else to copy the ctags.exe to the folder where sourcecookifier.dll resides.
    Quote from README: "- -place these files and folders into Notepad++'s "plugins" folder".

    Perhaps you should adjust your ZIP-structure (ctags.exe in same folder as sourcecookifier.dll) or give a hint somewhere in the README

    BTW: I copied ctags.exe directly to the NPP-plugin folder (where my sourcecookifier.dll resides) and got the same error as described above … I still think that offering a customizable path to ctags.exe is the key …

  • UFO

    As I said: ..in the same folder as the core DLL ("SourceCookfierCore.dll")
    I did not say "to the folder where sourcecookifier.dll resides".
    Please check the difference between "SourceCookfierCore.dll" and "SourceCookfier.dll".

    But one more time: You do NOT have to worry about the structure as long as you copy it as it is.
    My customized ctags.exe is in its subfolder, so there won't be any conflicts with anything else.
    And that's also the reason why a customizable path does definitely make NO sense.

  • Sorry for being obtrusive …

    You're right I should have read your previous mailing better: you wrote 'sourcecookifiercore.dll' and I read ''sourcecookifier.dll'.

    …. but unless I copied the unmodified content of your Sourcecookoifier.zip into my plugins folder (and cleaned up all sourcecookifier relevant files in my NPP directory tree before), I still get the message ""ctags.exe" version does not fit SourceCookifier version" …

    I've now got the following folder structure:

    (folder) NPP-BaseFolder
    -- (folder) plugins
    ---- (file) sourcecookifier.dll
    ---- (folder) config
    ------ (file) SourceCookifier.languages.model.xml
    ---- (folder) sourcecookifier
    ------ (folder) icons
    -------- (file) *.png ...
    ------ (file) SourceCookifierWrapper.dll
    ------ (file) SourceCookifierCore.dll
    ------ (file) ctags.exe
    ------ (file) *.bat ...

    ctags.exe within sourcecookifier-subfolder says:

    [d:\\Notepad++\plugins\SourceCookifier]ctags --version
    ctags: Warning: regcomp ^([a-zA-Z0-9_@]+)[      ]*\(.*\)[       ]*{: Unmatched \{
    Exuberant Ctags 5.8.3.SC, Copyright (C) 1996-2009 Darren Hiebert
      Compiled: Mar  2 2011, 23:14:55
      Addresses: <dhiebert@users.sourceforge.net>, http://ctags.sourceforge.net
      Optional compiled features: +win32, +regex, +internal-sort

    There still must be an error ….

    I'm running latest NPP (5.8.7) on Win7 x64. SourceCookifier should be 0.6 …
    There are still other ctags.exe (REGULAR, NON  SPECIAL BUILDS FOR SOURCECOOKIFIER) around on my system …

  • Hi ufo-pu55y,

    yes I'm still here and don't stop complaining … ;-)

    The problem is still here, unless the correct ctags.exe should be used (that's what I expected, since I disabled all ctags.exe (within an other test run) on my system except yours - and the error still occurs …)

    Here's the content of my "C:\SourceCookifier.TRACE.txt":

    07:46:56:113 <11E4>       [__setInfo] -START-
    07:46:56:120 <11E4>          [CommandMenuInit] -START-
    07:46:56:121 <11E4>          [CommandMenuInit] nppConfigFolder=D:\portable\PortableApps\Notepad++Portable\App\Notepad++\plugins\Config
    07:46:56:125 <11E4>             [LoadConfigs] -START-
    07:46:56:127 <11E4>                [DeserializeObject] -START-
    07:46:56:707 <11E4>                [DeserializeObject] Deserialized D:\portable\PortableApps\Notepad++Portable\App\Notepad++\plugins\Config\SourceCookifier.config.xml
    07:46:56:708 <11E4>                [DeserializeObject] -END-
    07:46:56:709 <11E4>             [LoadConfigs] UseTagFile=False,SortTags=False,CaseSensitiveLanguageMaps=False,ShowIcons=True,FlatView=FlatGrouped,ShowInvalidSources=True,SearchInSession=False,SessionMode=None,FoldLevel=2,BackColor=322122551,ShowToolTips=True,ShowGtdToolTips=True,CookieHistoryList=
    07:46:56:710 <11E4>             [LoadConfigs] -END-
    07:46:56:710 <11E4>          [CommandMenuInit] Configs loaded
    07:46:56:730 <11E4>                [SetCommand] index=0 commandName=Toogle SourceCookifier functionPointer=Void ShowFrmMain() checkOnInit=False
    07:46:56:739 <11E4>                [SetCommand] index=1 commandName= functionPointer=0 checkOnInit=False
    07:46:56:740 <11E4>                [SetCommand] index=2 commandName=Go To Definition functionPointer=Void GoToDefinition() checkOnInit=False
    07:46:56:741 <11E4>                [SetCommand] index=3 commandName=Navigate Backward functionPointer=Void NavigateBackward() checkOnInit=False
    07:46:56:742 <11E4>                [SetCommand] index=4 commandName=Navigate Forward functionPointer=Void NavigateForward() checkOnInit=False
    07:46:56:742 <11E4>                [SetCommand] index=5 commandName= functionPointer=0 checkOnInit=False
    07:46:56:743 <11E4>                [SetCommand] index=6 commandName=Language settings functionPointer=Void ShowSettings() checkOnInit=False
    07:46:56:744 <11E4>                [SetCommand] index=7 commandName=Options functionPointer=Void ShowOptions() checkOnInit=False
    07:46:56:745 <11E4>                [SetCommand] index=8 commandName= functionPointer=0 checkOnInit=False
    07:46:56:745 <11E4>                [SetCommand] index=9 commandName=Help && About functionPointer=Void ShowHelp() checkOnInit=False
    07:46:56:746 <11E4>          [CommandMenuInit] -END-
    07:46:56:747 <11E4>       [__setInfo] -END-
    07:46:56:761 <11E4>       [__getFuncsArray] _funcItems.Items.Count = 10
    07:46:56:775 <11E4>       [__beNotified] notifyCode.nmhdr.code=NPPN_TBMODIFICATION
    07:46:56:784 <11E4>    [ShowFrmMain] -START-
    07:46:56:789 <11E4>       [InitFrmMain] -START-
    07:46:56:809 <11E4>          [.ctor] -START-
    07:46:57:091 <11E4>             [LoadSettings] -START-
    07:46:57:093 <11E4>                [Init] CTags.exe path = D:\portable\PortableApps\Notepad++Portable\App\Notepad++\plugins\SourceCookifier\ctags.exe
    07:46:57:135 <11E4>                      [RunCTagsExe] -START-
    07:46:57:162 <11E4>                      [RunCTagsExe] Running ctags.exe with args=--version
    07:46:57:311 <11E4>                      [RunCTagsExe] -END-
    07:46:57:312 <11E4>                   [CheckCtagsVersion] ctags.exe: Warning: regcomp ^([a-zA-Z0-9_@]+)[    ]*\(.*\)[   ]*{: Unmatched \{
    07:46:57:316 <11E4>       [ErrorOut] 'ctags.exe' version does not fit SourceCookifier version!
    07:46:59:147 <11E4>    [ShowFrmMain] -END-
    07:47:03:250 <11E4>       [__messageProc] Message=0x0000001c wParam=0x00000000 lParam=0x0000102c
    07:47:03:256 <11E4>       [__beNotified] notifyCode.nmhdr.code=SCN_PAINTED

    Before generating this, I reassured that D:\portable\PortableApps\Notepad++Portable\App\Notepad++\plugins\SourceCookifier\ctags.exe originates from SourceCookifier.v0.6.0.bin.zip.

    The filesize of ctags.exe above is 318488 Bytes, MD5 is >>> 0CFE3E6182ADD839D2748A3986B8C5AB <<<

    Running "ctags.exe -version" from commandline results in:

    [D:\portable\PortableApps\Notepad++Portable\App\Notepad++\plugins\SourceCookifier].\ctags --version
    ctags: Warning: regcomp ^([a-zA-Z0-9_@]+)[      ]*\(.*\)[       ]*{: Unmatched \{
    Exuberant Ctags 5.8.3.SC, Copyright (C) 1996-2009 Darren Hiebert
      Compiled: Mar  2 2011, 23:14:55
      Addresses: <dhiebert@users.sourceforge.net>, http://ctags.sourceforge.net
      Optional compiled features: +win32, +regex, +internal-sort

    Strange … perhaps the line ctags: Warning: regcomp ^(+)*\(.*\)*{: Unmatched \{ in first line of output confuses your parsing of expected ctags version …
    Don't have any idea where this line may come from … Is ctags considering any configuration file(s), which might accidently be around on my system (resulting from a previous installation of original ctags) ? In my "history" I tried several variants of ctags on my system (not all of them might be removed completly) …

    Thanks for your patience and your support!

  • Hi ufo-pu55y,

    solved my problem!

    After being sure, that correct ctags.exe is used by your plugin, and writing about possible additional configuration files on my system, I searched my system for "*ctags*" - and found a file named ctags.conf.

    After removing this file, your plugin works perfectly.

    My ctags.conf also generates this ctags: Warning: regcomp ^(+)*\(.*\)*{: Unmatched \{ with unmodified exuberant ctags - but I haven't noticed this yet, since standard ctags simply ignores this warning …

    Thanks for your patience and your great work!


  • UFO

    Wow! That was the bugger.. glad you found it.
    It's something I have to fix - I just gotta call ctags with "-options=NONE".
    I never paid attention to that behavior:

    Read additional options from file. The file should contain one option per line. As a special case, if −−options=NONE is specified as the first option on the command line, it will disable the automatic reading of any configuration options from either a file or the environment (see FILES).


  • gri6507


    I was very happy when I found this thread because SourceCookifier is an extension that I use all the time and I was very discouraged when all of a sudden it stopped working. I used to have v0.6 on my system and today, after starting notepad++ I was prompted about a newer version of the extension. So I installed it. After np++ restarted, I got the same error message as was reported in this thread: "'ctags.exe' version does not fit SourceCookifier version"

    To my knowledge, I only have two versions of ctags.exe on my system: one that is in the plugins/SourceCookifier directory (pardon the cygwin style path delimiters),  and another is in my cygwin install under /usr/bin/ctags.exe. For the sake of clarify, I have removed my cygwin version and now only have the version provided by this extension, yet the extension still does not work. Here's what I have done so far.

    me@home:/cygdrive/d/Software/Notepad++>md5sum.exe ./plugins/SourceCookifier/ctags.exe
    4d0d6015d30f7507faec593a2dfd4e7d *./plugins/SourceCookifier/ctags.exe

    me@home:/cygdrive/d/Software/Notepad++>./plugins/SourceCookifier/ctags.exe -version
    Exuberant Ctags 5.8.4.SC, Copyright (C) 1996-2009 Darren Hiebert
      Compiled: Mar 26 2011, 14:35:10
      Addresses: <dhiebert@users.sourceforge.net>, http://ctags.sourceforge.net
      Optional compiled features: +win32, +regex, +internal-sort

    Do you have any suggestions for how to get the extension up and running again? Any help is much appreciated!

  • gri6507

    Ahaaa! You found the problem. For some reason all of my DLLs were except for SourceCookifierCore.dll which was still I do not know how this happened because I used the np++ build-in method for updating my extension.

    In any case, I manually downloaded the correct version of SourceCookifierCore.dll and now the extension works. Thank you very much for your help!