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Welcome and what is done now...


Welcome to the Soulcube project! There are no files released yet, but will be soon. Dont worry - I'm working on that... :-)

First of all, I tell You, what is done (+) and some TODO's (-):

+ compilation of the Soulcube engine, using gcc 4.x, works for win32 (mingw) and MacOSX10.4 (gcc)
+ simple build system for required libraries (enet, jpeg-6b, libogg-1.1.3, libvorbis-1.1.2, lpng1210, lua-5.1, SDL_image-1.2.5, SDL_mixer-1.2.7, zlib123)
+ over 70% of old script's build-in functions are callable from Lua
+ data storage layout changed (You'll see...)
+ most of configuration files are in Lua now
+ screen resolution and others defined in "config.lua" (can be overriden by commandline parameters)
+ some minor changes in sources... read more

Posted by enif 2006-06-13