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Sonic-Rainbow BETA-0.3.2 Released

Sonic-Rainbow BETA-0.3.2 has now been released in source and binary form for Linux and is licensed under the GPL.
It provides an easy to use GUI that allows the user to toggle between the CD Player, DVD Player, CD Ripper, OGG/MP3 Player and FM Radio player without altering the settings or disabling the player being toggled.
The DVD/VCD/Video File Player has had Contrast, Brightness, Video Aspect ratio and Eject added. The ability to RIP CD Tracks to MP3 files and place track info into the file using ID3 tags has been added.

Posted by Gary Baker 2004-01-23

Sonic-Rainbow 0.3.0 Released

Sonic-Rainbow 0.3.0 is a fully featured Gui Multi-Media player for Linux licensed under the GPL. 0.3.0 now provides video support playing DVD's, VCD's and Video Files.

Sonic-Rainbow features include DVD/VCD and Video File Player, CD Player, CD Ripper, Ogg File Player, MP3 File player, Playlist Editor, HTTP track lookup, and supports FM radio cards if they are installed.

Posted by Gary Baker 2004-01-09

Sonic-Rainbow Beta-0.1.2 Released

Sonic-Rainbow is a Linux GUI based Multi-Media Player.
It provides a CD Player, CD Ripper, Ogg File Player, Playlist Editor with http cd lookup using freedb. The GUI Playlist Editor allows the addition of individual Ogg files and or Directorys containing Ogg Files. The http freedb lookup downloads CD information and stores it locally. The information is then utilised by the CD Player, CD Ripper and Ogg File Player. When ripping CD's the CD information is added to the Ogg files.

Posted by Gary Baker 2003-11-10