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This is a wiki-based documentation system for SoNIA (Social Network Image Animator). I'm sure it will evolve a great deal over time. If you would like to contribute to the wiki you need to get a account and send a request to skyebend to be added as an editor.

For information about what SoNIA is and what it can do, go to

There are a number of nice examples at

This wiki contains more technical information on topics such as

If you are interested in the structure of the software you can look at the javadocs (in need of cleaning up)

NOTE: Sourceforge changed wiki technologies and delete some of the content. I'm trying to recreate it where I can, but please let me know if find missing section or especially if you have printouts of any of the pages.


Wiki: Features
Wiki: Getting_Help
Wiki: Installing_SoNIA
Wiki: Sonia_Data_Formats
Wiki: Using_SonG_to_create_input_files
Wiki: Using_Sonia