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Tiny update for Eclipse users

I just got an email from somebody who reported trouble running Solarquest from Eclipse. I guess I had tweaked my launch configuration a little, to get the classpath right. I just committed my launch configuration via SVN, so all you Eclipse users out there should now be able to use it.

Posted by Colin Bartolome 2011-11-08

Version 0.7.5 released

This version fixes bug 3412048, reducing the $790 fee on Saturn Research Lab to $760, which fits an exponential plot better. Also, the instruction manual now mentions that fuel stations are turned over to the victor when one player eliminates another.

Posted by Colin Bartolome 2011-10-04

Version 0.7.4 released

This version should fix bug #3309046, which was a problem with trying to place fuel stations after loading a saved game.

Posted by Colin Bartolome 2011-08-28

Version 0.7.3 released

Another tiny update. I fixed a bug with clicking then the board image is zoomed out with the window maximized. I also added a system tray icon for networked games so you can tell when the dice pass to one of your local players. Enjoy!

Posted by Colin Bartolome 2011-05-26

Version 0.7.2 released

Extremely tiny update: fixed a typo in the manual and made it so you can resize the window.

Posted by Colin Bartolome 2011-05-21

Version 0.7.1 released

Actually had this done a while ago, but forgot to upload it. There's a rudimentary rule editor in place now. Want to start the game with a million fuel stations? Go ahead!

Posted by Colin Bartolome 2011-03-11

Version 0.7.0 released

There's a wacky little rule in the instruction manual that talks about bypassing locations when rolling doubles. So that's in. With that means that the "Strategic Solarquest" rule set is now available. I also threw in the 1988 version of the rules (to the best of my knowledge). I think the next feature I'll add is the ability to customize the rules, but don't hold me to that.

Posted by Colin Bartolome 2011-02-13

Version 0.6.1 released

Here's a quick update that streamlines a bit of UI and adds a few lines to the instruction manual. I'd forgotten to mention that you can't mess with lasers on Earth. Also, I made placing fuel stations on owned properties, even while not on them, the default. Only a few "big" features left!

Posted by Colin Bartolome 2011-02-10

Version 0.6.0 released

So. Lasers are in. Turn them on in a new game by picking "Solarquest (1985) with Lasers" in the "Rule Set" dropdown. It's not the smoothest user interface, but I'll come back around to polish the UI once all the features are in. Enjoy!

Posted by Colin Bartolome 2011-02-07

Version 0.5.0 released

Flipped my priorities a bit and added an instruction manual instead of laser battles.

Posted by Colin Bartolome 2011-01-30

Version 0.4.3 released

I went ahead and added the selling of fuel stations in version 0.4.3 and threw up that version. I hope to have laser battles and some interface polish in the next version.

Posted by Colin Bartolome 2011-01-28

Version 0.4.2 released

After over a year, version 0.4.2 is finally up. This version has been re-licensed under the GPL. The image of the board has been recreated from public-domain images, mostly provided by NASA and other U.S. Government agencies. Several moons of Jupiter and Saturn nearly became potatoes.

Somewhere in the past year, I noticed that the rules allow for selling fuel stations when landing on a Federation Station. I'll get that in there one of these months.... read more

Posted by Colin Bartolome 2011-01-26

Free board image in the works

I've recreated the Solarquest board using free images (mostly from NASA), so watch for that soon. While trying out the new board, I found a pretty severe bug that affects loaded games. It seems Java is doing a pretty crummy job of deserializing the properties owned by each player. I'm working on it now.

Posted by Colin Bartolome 2009-11-19

Source finally opened

Just committed every file I've got. Haven't really had much desire to work on this project, so here it is for John Q. Programmer to dig through. It's not the cleanest and best-documented code, but whatever.

Posted by Colin Bartolome 2009-08-09

How to run Solarquest

The download page used to have instructions for running the application, but I can't find them any more. The long and the short of it is that all you need is the JAR. Don't extract it or anything. Either double-click it or use a command like this:

java -jar solarquest-0.3.jar

Posted by Colin Bartolome 2009-07-31

Version 0.3 Available

How many times have you left the Solarquest board out on the table because the game was stretching on too long? Well now you can do the same with the digital version! It should work decently enough, but remember: this software is still classified as "pre-alpha" code.

Posted by Colin Bartolome 2009-04-23

Version 0.2 Available

Here's a quick release that enables network play. It's rough and disconnections are unforgiving, but somebody should be able to have some fun with this.

Posted by Colin Bartolome 2009-04-08

Version 0.1 Available

Solarquest v0.1 is currently finding its way to SourceForge's mirrors. Not a whole lot has changed on the surface, but a bit of the network code has been updated to the point where I can say with reasonable confidence that the next release will ship with network play enabled. On the surface, you'll now see an improved dialog for creating a new game.

Posted by Colin Bartolome 2009-04-06

Pre-alpha Java Version Released

Hi anybody and everybody. My name is Colin. I've just been given control of this project and I'm trying to start things off right by tossing up a very early alpha. For now, there's no network play or customization, but those features are coming.

Posted by Colin Bartolome 2009-03-29

(old version) Version 0.6.0 Released!

A playable version of the game has been released! To see what is done and what is left check out the Readme.txt File in the release file.

Posted by Kunal Johar 2002-12-12

(old version) Starting Development

The development process has started for moving this old, but classic board game to the PC. For those of you who are interested in joining the development team feel free to drop me a message or email. I am always in need of talented artists and musicians. Of course coders are always welcome as well. If you have not played the board game I recommend searching EBay for Solarquest, you can probably pick one up for under $15. This program will be the first computer version available....ever!

Posted by Kunal Johar 2002-12-03