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Software x86 CPU emulator library / News: Recent posts

Softx86 now has complete 8086 instruction set!

The developers behind Softx86 have finished implementing every instruction that the original 8086 and 8088 processors had. Softx86 is now a complete 8086 emulator. All it needs now is rigorous testing and we would appreciate any feedback!

Also in the works: An optional piece of code that works through a special back-end in softx86 to emulate the 8087 floating point unit coprocessor!
It's provided separately so that if you want it, it's there! But if you don't need FPU emulation, you don't have to hook it in (thereby saving memory by not linking in code you'll never use!)

Posted by Jonathan Campbell 2003-10-27

SoftX86 initial release

Softx86, a software clone of an Intel 80x86, has just made it's debut on SourceForge with v0.00.0001 (the version number is long because I expect *MANY* revisions!) Some news and documentation has been posted as well.

Posted by Jonathan Campbell 2003-03-15