#296 I can't type Japanese...


Notify me of corrections to this error and the like at "jillyburton@*gmail.com" (Without the asterisk and the quotes).

The bug:

-I typed some vertical kana in Inkscape (Windows XP) and saved it as .SVG to my USB drive.
--For the record, I typed "かこう" (kakou in hiragana).
-I ported the USB over to my (ancient) Windows ME computer which has Sodipodi on it (I'm sorry, but it just brings up a logo when I check the About dialog, no information)
--Upon opening the file, it didn't say "かこう", it said "ÿÿÿ" (three umlauted y's), and the text didn't register as an element, could not be selected either.

For the record, I typed "かこう" in the Arial Unicode MS font, and Windows ME didn't have the font. Might my results have been better if I had selected a Japanese font which my other system actually HAD? I know, I feel a little stupid posting this, but Sodipodi's not recognizing the Japanese as a text field was a definite bug.

I'm unable to test whether the proper Japanese fonts will work right now, as Inkscape doesn't run on Windows ME.