#280 zlib-1.dll not found Why ?



  • vokneg

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    Change zlib1.dll file in GTK subdirectory /bin to
    zlib-1.dll and all will be OK.

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    renaming the zlib-1.dll just ends up giving the error:
    "The procedure entry point g_module_open_utf8 could not be
    located in the dynamic link library libgmodule-2.0-2.dll."

    ie: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?

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    I also had to copy (from GTK install) libgmodule-2.0-0.dll to
    the sodipodi folder and now the renamed dll works

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    I had problems when exporting a file to png if I renamed the
    GTK dll, so I renamed the one which came with sodipodi.exe
    at the installation directory and it worked fine.

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    zlib-1.dll not-found
    1 - > copy C:\Program Files\Common
    to -->

    C:\Program Files\Sodipodi and copy
    this file allready overwrite yes

    2 - > C:\Program Files\Sodipodi\zlib.dll copy and paste into
    folder and rename zlib-1.dll

    (Turkish) zlib-1.dll bulunamadı hatası
    gtk yi kurduktan sonra üstte yazan klasöre gidin ve
    libgmodule-2.0-0.dll dosyasını kopyalayıp sodipedinin
    klasörüne yapıştırın. var olan dosyanın üzerine yazın. 2.
    olarakta sodipeninin içindeki zlib.dll dosyasını kopyalayın
    ve aynı klasöre yapıştırın ve adını zlib-1.dll olarak
    değiştirin. umarım yararı olurç bende bu şeklilde çalıştı...
    - cTn -

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    You can solve this by copying zlib.dll (in Sodipodi folder)
    and renaming it zlib-1.dll. However, other (unrelated)
    errors will probably occur and prevent the app from running.

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    copy zlib.dll to zlib-1.dll (Found in gtk commun files)
    copy to sodiodi repert application libgmodule-2.0-0.dll
    Found in gtk commun files

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    I have a windows version on Windows ME, and it works perfectly except it won't export files to png. I have copied the zlib file to zlib-1, giving me two files, and Sodipodi won't have it any other way. If I have just zlib, it has problems starting, but if I have just zlib-1, the system thinks it isn't installed and searches for an installation package. What patch should I use for png support?