S.O.D.A. query system: Here we go

This project develops an object-oriented query system for Java and other environments that is not based on strings, but on method calls instead. The query expression could be translated into some existing query language (SQL, OQL, EJBQL, JDOQL), but could also be used natively, for example from some OODBMS vendor.

The basic parts of this system are the following:
- persistence container (that's the part that interprets the queries)
- Query
- Constraint (can be ANDed, ORed, whatever...)
- Query-Result (something easy, proprietary, or a generic Java collection type)

There will be a support for Query-By-Example (QBE) using objects.

This project's aim is the development of interfaces and exceptions. Native mapping implementations (into SQL, EJBQL, whatever) are currently of scope of the initial development, but can be included later.

The initial idea for this project came from Carl Rosenberger (http://www.odbms.org). See also jdocentral.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard.cgi?s=3cbbda5d0132ffff;act=ST;f=10;t=112

Posted by Thomas Poeschmann 2002-04-17