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Version 0.41

  • Actors may have more shapes: boxes, triangles, circles, ellipses, diamonds, etc.
  • Can import and export pajek nets with shapes.
  • In-Degree/Out-Degree Centralities were implemented.
  • Dot import improved.
  • Dot export implemented partially.
  • List import implemented partially.
  • Bug in pow(double, double) fixed
Posted by Dimitris Kalamaras 2006-03-10

Version 0.40

Version 0.40 has been released on Feb 21, 2006
Codename: "A Greek Big Brother"

Changes since v.0.39
- Stress and Graph centralities was implemented.
- Fixed bugs in centralities calculation
- Simplified layout of centralities' reports.
- Fixed circular layout by degree, closeness and betweeness.
- Circular layout by centralities shows helpfull red-dashed circles.
- Added new layouts by graph and stress centralities

Posted by Dimitris Kalamaras 2006-02-21

version 0.39

  • Fixed bug on betweeness centrality.
  • Betweeness and closeness centralities work with undirected graphs.
  • Graph Centrality was implemented.
  • Smaller tar archive
Posted by Dimitris Kalamaras 2006-02-05