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Version 0.48

SocNetV v.0.48 brings a lot of improvements:

--Erdos-Renyi random network creation.
--Removing symmetric edges, now asks what direction to remove.
--New layout method: node sizes according to their indegrees.
--No node limit. Load any network you want (make a coffee while waiting :)).
--loadPajek() recognizes Arcslists and Matrix edges formats.
--Edges are being drawed once (faster loading and node movement).
--Graph API simplification and "standardization"
--New LCD widget displaying network density and some improvements to the dock.
--In-file declared node colors and shapes are used as they should.
--Fixed bugs in removeNode methods.
--Lots of bugfixes in loadPajek() method.
--Documentation update
--Progress Bars (F10) appear when creating random nets > 300 nodes.
--RPM repository for openSUSE at
--SocNetV has a new, modern logo. It still resembles a snail though. ;)

Posted by Dimitris Kalamaras 2008-10-05