#267 NTLM authentication fails calling IIS6 in windows

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Depending on what user id/password we use in soap UI, Windows integrated authentication fails. This usually happens after a password change. Looks like some combinations of User Id/Password/Domain result in invalid NTLM tokens. If we keep changing the password it will eventually work again, sometimes 1, 2 3 or more passwords later. We tried restarting SoapUi, Restar Windows, as well as change the Authenticate Preemptvely setting in Options with no sucess.
Is there a bug in the logic that builds the NTLM token?
Soap UI version 2.0.2 (also experienced with earlier versions), Windows XP SPII and Windows Server 2003, JSE Environment Runtime 5.0.


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    Hi, Thanks for the quick response, I checked the servers and we use lmcompatibilitylevel of 0, so it looks like its set to use NTLM (v1). Interesting thing is that it works fine for some passwords and not for others, for a given user. If I keep changing the password it will eventually work again. A handfull of other developers also reported the same issue. Not sure if it helps but our IIS6 web sites are set up with Anonymous Authentication off, and Integrated Windows Authentication On. Digest Authentication, Basic Authentication and .NET passport authentication are all off.

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    same as above user, running version 2.0.2. Recently changed password. Able to log onto server with credentials directly, and able to access webpage directly. But when running via SoapUI, the credentials fail. Able to successfully call via SoapUi(same operation) with alternate userid and password, but primary userid fails. Primary userid credials able to call webservice via Microsoft Office Infopath form when credentials input.