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SOAP::WSDL / News: Recent posts

Speed up SOAP::WSDL: SOAP-WSDL_XS 0.2 released

The first public release of SOAP-WSDL_XS was made available today. SOAP-WSDL_XS provides a high-speed SOAP message parser for SOAP::WSDL.

Posted by Martin Kutter 2009-03-03

SOAP-WSDL 2.00.09 released

The release SOAP-WSDL 2.00.09 contains a few minor bug fixes. You can read the complete list of changes at http://soap-wsdl.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/soap-wsdl/SOAP-WSDL/tags/2.00.09/Changes

Posted by Martin Kutter 2009-02-23