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Gladiator 2 WAS in the works

  • Jason Theriot
    Jason Theriot

    I remember speaking to one of the creators for this game.  I remember e-mailing back and forth with Tom Ricket himself.  I told him that I was interested in purchasing the full registered version of the software.  After a few more e-mails to each other Tom then just gave me the file for free.  This was apparently before he released the full version freely and openly to everyone.

    Anyway, about Gladiator 2.  I remember seeing screenshots for Gladiator 2.  I spoke to Tom concerning that.  He then went on to tell me that FSGames was pretty much not functioning anymore due to everyone branching off to different companies and being busy with other things.  The project was never finished.  Does anyone know the latest news on FSGames?  I wish I had access to those screenshots to show everyone.  I'll continue to look, and if I find them, I'll post them here for everyone else's enjoyment.

    • Wait a minute.  This opens a whole can of words that's bugged me for a while.  The deal was nobody could ask for the password while the game was for sale.  Since Tom Ricket made the original source code available, he's never said anything about letting people know the password for free.  That's left me in limbo, wondering what the status was.

      • Jason Theriot
        Jason Theriot

        The only reason I got the password free was because he and I traded e-mails constantly for a while.  I told him that I was interested in purchasing the game and was willing to send him the money through snail mail, but he finally just said "here you go" and sent me the whole file via e-mail.  I don't have this EXACT file anymore (it was a long time ago), but wouldn't it be the same as what is being offered free now or is different?

        • That's the 1st time I've heard of anybody getting the password for free.  Up to now, in the gladiator yahoo group, I've been stuck in limbo about what to do about sharing the password.  Over there, we have lots of scenarios to try out.

    • Zardus

      You probably know as much as I do on the issue, as it looks like we both have all our info from Tom, but last I talked to him (probably around 2002 or so?), FSGames was pretty much gone for good. Their website was still up back then but it's gone now, unfortunately. It's not even on archive.org, so I guess it's lost for good. If you can find those screens, though, I would love to see them again!

      The alpha of Gladiator: Beyond Freedom (Gladiator 2) is on the Gladiator Yahoo Group, too. I doubt FSGames will ever be back, but they sure won't be forgotten.

    • Tom Ricket
      Tom Ricket

      Hi, All!

      Sorry about not seeing these messages -- I used to have the system alert me, but it's probably going to an old e-mail address.

      Anyway -- yep, we were definitely working on a Gladiator 2 -- Gladiator: Beyond Freedom.  It had improved graphics, shadows (which we mainly wanted to help provide a feeling of depth, blah blah blah), and was a native Windows app.  As others have said, it was basically discontinued when we all started heading to various game companies.  I probably do have either really old source code for it or some screenshots ... I'll try to dig for them.

      For the password -- yes, there was an area of time when we were technically still selling the game, but it had been long enough that we didn't want to be dorks about it.  In those times, if we interacted with someone cool online, we'd let them have the password.  Basically, we didn't want to just have it posted on a website somewhere, but we were happy for nifty individuals to have it.

      At this point -- and I think DPH or someone just asked me recently -- please feel free to distribute the password as you like; we really are just happy to have people able to play the ol' gal in any fashion :)


    • Jason Theriot
      Jason Theriot

      Wow.  It's really good to hear from you, Tom.  I'm really interested in seeing those screenshots from Gladiator: Beyond Freedom if all possible (as is everyone else, I'm sure).  Also, I'm no computer program-savy individual, but releasing the source code to those who would do GOOD with it would be great. lol

      Seriously though, if there is anything else Gladiator-esque you have that you can offer to us it would be greatly appreciated.