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Continue a remote session

David Reed
  • David Reed
    David Reed

    I've been searching far and wide for the solution to this problem, any help here will be greatly appreciated!

    I'm trying to share a session between two different sites that are on the same domain. Site 1 contains a customer login system, Site 2 is an eCommerce site. Site 2 pulls in a lot of content from site 1 (page layout, header, footer etc.), including a little login box that indicates whether your logged in or not.

    So I need to grab content from site 1 whilst maintaining it's session, and this is where I'm stumped! I've tried getting the session id from site 1 into site 2, now thats fine, but each time I grab content from site 1 a new session is created, and if I pass the session id from site 2 back into site 1 and try to force the session_id(), the site hangs and eventually times out. So it appears that you can't use session_id() on a remote script.

    Now it seems to me that snoopy could me with this problem, but I've no idea how! I've toyed around a bit but can't seem to find a solution! Does anyone have any ideas on how I can solve this problem?


  • Anonymous

    I'd appreciate you to share the solution.

    I don't even know how you create-grab-pass a session ID so my script could be seen as "logged-in" by the remote provider.