any example of forms and submitting values?

  • Fernando Usero
    Fernando Usero

    Hi to mohrt and new developers,

    I would like to know about a *working* example of Snoopy with a form and some input fields. The examples provided in the README file do not work: the URL doesn't exist.

    Thxs and congratulations for this great class!

    • mydcms

      I'm having a problem with getting submit to work.. when I access $snoopy->results , the first part is right, but after that, there is all this garbled mess of junk... some code, some junk:

      10 Feb 2005 07:14:20 GMT ETag: "61db32-4e9-ee3d0b00" Accept-Ranges: bytes Content-Length: 1257 Content-Type: image/gif GIF89a)?q>tP|?\@_DѰ˾?f!,)?@pH,HMI8P8Шb1]Vؕ8@H$`HtbSF˥P2 hRTVrtu_xd$0$  styf$!~NX[]^e}!-s^ad ) x Yv_b"f s+X[] ZY\2q[ 

      Any ideas??

    • Fernando Usero
      Fernando Usero

      can you make the data available for us? I can try to reproduce your submission to see if it happens the same


    • Alan Trick
      Alan Trick

      I'm having problems witht he same thing. I haven't even tried to get POST data to work, bug GET doesn't seem to be doing the right thing either, when I do

      $snoopy->fetch(url?with=get&data) sometimes it works but other times it give me nothing (although it doesn't return false, I haven't quite figured out what goes wrong)