Cookie problem, URGENT need help

  • Hi

    Having got over the https problems I was having, I am now having problems with cookies. One of the sites I'm attempting to access is respondeing that my browser does not accept cookies. I can see the cookies it sends in the header informatin sent back from the request, so I am getting cookies, but it appears that the remote server believes that I have cookies disabled. How do I inform the remote server that cookies are enabled?




    • Anonymous

      Ive run into the same problem and i know why its happening too.

      Snoopy grabs the header but does not parse it into the $this->cookies array (as far as i can tell anyway)

      A parser needs to be written which strips Set-Cookie: tabs in headers into the $this->cookie array, this would allow Snoopy to handle sites which use redirection to see if cookies are enabled (which alot of MS sites do).