Retrieving links from a remote web site

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    I am using snoopy to retrieve specific links from a remote web site.
    I am able to retrieve links, but I am not able to retrieve links using
    the same script from the page I need to retrieve links from.

    It gives me the following error. Does anyone know why I am getting this error? 
    When it outputs links it should give me alist much like this.

    But when it gives em this error it looks like it gives me a couple links and then
    quite and sends this error with all the links on one line, but it does not give me the rest of links on the page.

    response code: HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized

    Warning: Variable passed to each() is not an array or object in /home/content/a/l/e/directory/html/gregsCode/test.php on line 58 

    When I try to grab all the links from a domain such as it works.

    Here is the code I am using to call the snoopy class.

    Also, if you want to look at the snoopy code go to.

    PHP Code:
    include "Snoopy.class.php";
    $snoopy = new Snoopy;

    echo "response code: ".$snoopy->response_code."<br>\n";

    while(list($key,$val) = each($snoopy->results))
    echo $key.": ".$val."<br>\n";
    echo "<p>\n";
    echo "<PRE>".htmlspecialchars($snoopy->results)."</PRE>\n";
    echo "error fetching document: ".$snoopy->error."\n";

    I also have another issue I am dealing with when I am trying to retrieve links from this site. Some of the links that I need to retrieve are not normal links. The href tag has a call to a javascript function in it like this.

    HTML Code:
    <a href="javascript:goToPresaleResults('18', 'ALBA', '05/03/2007', '05%2F03%2F2007+Albuquerque+AA+-+THURS+SALE+FLEET%2FLEASE%2FCONS%2FGMAC%2FPOST+CARD+SALE', '1');">28 Found</a>
    Is there a php function that I can use that will retrieve links that call a java script function? If I can get each variable in the link then I can build the URL myself and retrieve the URL and then retrieve the info I need on the page.

    Would it be better for me to download the page to the local system and them seek through the page to find what I need?

    This is the java script function that is called from within the href tag.

    function goToPresaleResults(saleID, auctionID, saleDate, iResultName, saleChannel)
        document.PSPageSelector.action = "/members/presale/control/powersearchList";
        document.PSPageSelector.saleID.value = saleID;
        document.PSPageSelector.saleNumber.value = saleID;
        document.PSPageSelector.saleDate.value = saleDate;
        document.PSPageSelector.auctionID.value = auctionID;
        if(auctionID == null || auctionID == ''){
        document.PSPageSelector.salechannel.value = saleChannel;
        document.PSPageSelector.irname.value = iResultName;