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Simulation from MIBs

Release 0.1.3 introduces a new tool -

With this script you could generate backend data files (called device files), used by for SNMP Agent simulation, from MIBs. That may be helpful if you do not possess a donor SNMP-capable device, to take a snapshot of its Managed Objects, but have only its MIB file.

A couple of example devices files built from IETF MIBs are included.

Posted by Ilya Etingof 2011-11-12

Python3 is now supported

Starting from release 0.1.1, snmpsim will run on both Python 2 (2.4+) and Python 3.

Posted by Ilya Etingof 2011-11-12

SNMP Simulator 0.0.9 has been released

This new revision brings much better performance and stability.

A dedicated 'index' SNMP context now lists all simulated devices and their SNMP credentials for testers' convenience.


Posted by Ilya Etingof 2010-11-17

First public release is out

The initial implementation of SNMP Simulator will let you record and replay SNMP snapshots taken off any number of SNMP devices.

Simulator is pure-Python so it will run on any POSIX-compliant OS and can be easily ported to Windows.

With this release, MIB objects are static - that is the variation feature is not present at the moment. However you can easily edit the snapshot by hand to change recorded values.... read more

Posted by Ilya Etingof 2010-10-28