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Project On Hold...

I haven't any request to keep this project going so its currently on hold. I hope to finish the code that I've been fiddling with, but so far nothing is complable. Here are a few more links to add to help anyone trying to use .NET and SNMP. I know with MONO, this project will be very needed. I hope to have ports that allow seemless communication with both WinSNMP and NET-SNMP (UCDSNMP) as well as direct socket connections for full C# written libraries to take advantage of the memory mangment and managed nature of .NET. Direct socket was my first goal so it would work with the .NET compact framework. Hopefully that will come ture. :-)... read more

Posted by Zac Bowling 2004-05-17

Project Started

Got the project up and running an I've already got emails from other devs asking to join the project. Keep it up.

Posted by Zac Bowling 2003-12-16