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SnipThis! / News: Recent posts

New release : 0.1.5 / Sourceforge problems

A new release, version 0.1.5 with fixes and new features has been released. Due to problems with uload.sourceforge.net the file is only avaible at http://www.weholt.no until I can log into sourceforge properly.

Posted by Thomas Weholt 2001-03-12

Another release!!

Just released another set of modules. subParser.py and hsIndexer.py are being tested and should be re-released soon with improvements ;->.

For now, download and bugtest the newest addition to the SnipThis!-package.

Posted by Thomas Weholt 2001-03-08

Initial release

The first release of any of the SnipThis code snippets were released today, 26. feb. 2001. The main goal of this release was to use it to test Sourceforge and to make something available to the public. More files will follow in the next few days, all in alpha-form.

Posted by Thomas Weholt 2001-02-26