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v3.0a1 "disappearing" during startup?

  • Hi there!
    First of all, LOVE your program. I switched from Windows some 6 months ago, been looking for the right kind of player on Linux. "Right kind" being one that's more about genres and ratings than about folder structure (like most others). SnackAmp may not be they winner with regard to appearance, but it sure has all the great features. Kudos.

    But ... I'm having problems with it (on Linux, Mandrake v10.0). When I start it up, it says "SnackAmp v3.0a1 is initializing", then a moment later that message goes away and nothing else happens. Asking at LinuxQuestions didn't solve it, but maybe you can help me.

    Do you think it would be better with v3.0.3, or would that have the same problem? I'm afraid I'm no Linux expert yet, and v3.0a1 is what I can get though the package manager (I'd probably not succeed in a manual download/compile/install).

    Any help would be appreciated.


    • Tom Wilkason
      Tom Wilkason

      You may have a conflict with some other sound program, including sound daemons, running. Try to make sure that aRts and/or ESD is disabled (should be able to set them from some configuration menu).

      You can also try version 3.0.3, it is a matter of placing the gz file in some folder and unzipping it. It only uses a handful of files that are all placed in the same folder.

      Make sure you are launching it from the command line/shell so you can see any error messages that may occur.