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Smyle Architecture Documentation

For those who are interested in the inner workings of databases, and for those who want some orientation before diving into the Smyle sources, there's a new introductory document here:

Posted by Stefan Reich 2002-05-19

Smyle 0.8.1 features a Swing-based browser - and more

The latest release of Smyle, the efficient, lightweight, non-SQL Pure Java database engine, Smyle 0.8.1 is out!

Improvements over Smyle 0.8 include:
* a Swing-based database browser
* Support for recursive type definitions
* Improved schema evolution
* Performance improvements

Posted by Stefan Reich 2002-05-13

Smyle has grown up!

With version 0.8 released today, Smyle has grown up: it is now a versatile, highly reliable, high performance, convenient, cross-platform database for any kind of Java application. Smyle 0.8 can efficiently handle tables with more than 100,000 rows.

New features in Smyle 0.8: Multidimensional indexing (first implementation of UB-Trees in an open source
database); simplified installation and usage; fully optimized for plain Java (as opposed to GJ)... read more

Posted by Stefan Reich 2002-03-27

Benchmark: Smyle vs. MySQL

Even though there haven't been any releases in a few weeks, a lot of progress has been made behind the scenes. One of Smyle's coolest upcoming features, Automagic Indexing, is working now, albeit in a limited form.

To further whet your appetite for Smyle 0.3, I created a small benchmark that compares Smyle and MySQL. Check it out, you might be surprised:

Posted by Stefan Reich 2001-10-09

Smyle starts making sense

...with yesterday's 0.2.5 release.

Posted by Stefan Reich 2001-09-07

Smyle 0.2 released

SMYLE, the Storage that Makes Your Life Easier, is a convenient embeddable Java database. It's now ready for use in actual (small scale) applications!

Learn more and download at

Posted by Stefan Reich 2001-08-29