Stripped down version

  • Hi Roger,

    Love the application and think the GUI is very intuative. I was wondering if it would be possible to strip down the GUI for a local version that I could have installed on indivduals workstatios so users and desktop support staff could launch it on a local workstation to verify the Execution History and Running Executions.

    This would be very helpful to easily identify to a basic user the success or failure of package instalation and if any tasks are outstanding.

    Your thoughts??

    • Roger

      You can disable some "dangerous" Actions (like WMIRepair, Restart ...) in the current version by editing the smsclictr.exe.config file. But in general, the tool is not designed for "basic" users... I can enhance the config file to disable more functions if required. As I understand your request, a separate tool is required to show only some local informations...

      You are free to create you own version if you want (smsclictr is OpenSource), or to use the smsclictr.automation library which contains all the required functions...



    • larry steele
      larry steele

      Hello Roger,

      I would also like to see this available... and with your answer I will try this and see if I can get it to work.

      Best Regards,


  • Anders B
    Anders B

    Hi Roger,

    Like your application but we need to strip down some things because we will distribute this to our helpdesk.

    Can you strip away all agent actions from the GUI?