#30 [Patch] alternate media seeking with mousewheel

Steven Eastland

This patch adds a preference to reverse the mousewheel seeking; that is, scrollwheel up goes backward in the file and scrollwheel down goes forward in the file. This is in addition to the existing mousewheel media seeking preference.

My rationale for this is that in my mind, videos are like a web page or a document I'm viewing; if I want to go further down in the document, I scroll down. So if I want to go further "down" in a video, I scroll down.

Tested against svn r3010, built with Qt 4.5.1 on Linux.


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  • Your patch doesn't work with current svn (r3135).

    • assigned_to: nobody --> rvm
  • I've attached a new patch, updated to work with current svn (r3135). It's also expanded somewhat from my original patch in order to accomodate the change mouse wheel function added in r3079.

  • Any chance this will make it into the 0.68 release?

  • Too late. Version 0.6.8 has been released this morning.

  • Just curious if there's a chance this patch will be applied soon. Tested it today against SVN r3238 and it's working okay for me.

  • Sorry, I didn't have time to review it yet. Please be patience.

  • alternate mousewheel seeking behavior

  • Updated patch to apply cleanly against current SVN (r3244).

  • The patch is ok, although maybe it would have been better a checkbox to reverse the sense of the wheel in the normal seeking, instead of creating SeekingAlternate which mainly duplicates code.

    Another thing... my knowledge of English is not good, but I'm not sure if the word "alternate" is the right one to express what the option does. Maybe "reverse"?

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