SMPlayer 0.8.3 released

Version 0.8.3.

* Fix for youtube playback.

Version 0.8.2.

* A skinnable interface has been added. Several skins are included.
* Support for 6.1 and 7.1 audio output.
* A "Privacy" section in the preferences dialog has been added. You can
disable saving the recent files or URLs.
* The main window can be moved by dragging the video area.
* Fix for a freeze that may happen on Windows XP.
* (Windows) The font cache is created before showing the GUI.

Version 0.8.1.

* Fix youtube.

Version 0.8.0.

* A toolbar editor has been added. Now it's possible to select the buttons
and controls that want to appear in the toolbars.
* New video filters: gradfun, blur and sharpen.
* Now it's possible to change the GUI (default, mini, mpc) at runtime,
no restart required.
* sub files from opensubtitles should work again.
* (Youtube) Recognize short urls (like this one:\)
* Better support for chapters in video files.
* Bug fix: remote m3u files work from the favorites menu or command line.
* Internal changes in the single instance option (switch to

Version 0.7.1.

This version include some bug fixes, some of them important. It's highly
recommended to update.

* SMPlayer took more than 10 seconds to show when running for the very
first time.
* The links to download subtitles from Opensubtitles were wrong.
* SMPlayer crashed in the favorite editor when trying to select a file if
the KDE open dialog was used.
* Some translations were missing in the Windows package.

* By default the screenshots are saved in the user's pictures folder instead
of the SMPlayer's config folder.
* Now it's possible to change the opensubtitles server.
* Youtube: seeking is slow with flv videos, so now flv videos have the
lowest priority.
* Youtube: now it's possible to search and download videos from youtube.
This is provided by an external application (in linux you have to install
an independent package: smtube).

Version 0.7.0.

Most important changes since 0.6.10:

* New favorite menu, where you can add your favorite videos, music, streams,
youtube videos... It's also possible to add submenus.
* Support for youtube. Now you can open urls like using the Open -> URL dialog or
dragging a link from a browser to the smplayer window.
* Support for mplayer2 ( It's a fork of mplayer with
interesting features like precise seeking, ordered chapters in mkv videos and
better pause handling (e.g. seek works while the video is paused).
* New translation: croatian.

Version 0.6.10.

Most important changes since 0.6.9:

* New vdpau configuration dialog, which allow to select the vdpau codecs to use.
* Port for eCS, OS/2 (by Silvan Scherrer).
* New menu to select the closed caption channel (requires mplayer >= r32607).
* Possibility to select the seeking method (absolute or relative).
* Possibility to sort the items of the playlist.

Version 0.6.9.

Most important changes since 0.6.8:

* A serious bug has been fixed: sometimes smplayer failed to find subtitles
* Implemented the possibility to mark an A-B section, to play a part of the
file only.
* (Linux) smplayer doesn't use alsa as default audio driver anymore. It should
fix freezing problems on Ubuntu.
* Possibility to display the video resolution and frames per second in the
status bar.
* Audio: selection of left or right channel does work now.
* (Linux) Improved support for vdpau.

Posted by Ricardo Villalba 2012-12-23