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SMPlayer: 0.6.6 released

SMPlayer is a complete front-end for MPlayer, from basic features like playing videos, DVDs, VCDs to more advanced features like support for MPlayer filters, edl lists, and more.

Most important changes since 0.6.5:

* Added an option to generate a preview (thumbnails) of the video.
* Added a new gui (mpcgui, a media player classic clone) developed by
Matthias Petri.
* Added some auto zoom options, to display the video without black borders.
* Implemented a new (and optional) method to save the file settings.
This method uses an ini file per each played file. It's faster than the old
* Added a new option in Preferences->Video: add black borders on
fullscreen. If this option is enabled, black borders will be added to
the image in fullscreen mode. This allows subtitles to be displayed on
the black borders.
* Increased the resolution of the seekbar. Allows a more accurate seeking.
* Added 3 modes for the stay on top option: always, never and while playing.
* Added a history to the open URL dialog.
* Added new action to cycle through all aspect ratios. Assigned by default to
key "A".
* It's possible to run some specified actions every time a file is loaded.
* Possibility to set up a proxy for internet connections (used for subtitle

Posted by Ricardo Villalba 2009-01-05