SMPlayer 0.6.2 released

Version 0.6.2.

Most important changes since 0.6.1:

* Added an audio equalizer (please read Audio_equalizer.txt).
* Added a dialog to search and download subtitles from (See Finding_subtitles.txt).
* The toolbars can be configured. The user can remove, add or change the order of the buttons. Right now it can only be done by editing manually the configuration file. A graphical editor will be added in the next version. See Configuring_the_toolbars.txt.
* The single instance port can now be chosen automatically by the application.
* Possibility to compile a portable version which (by default) won't write anything outside the smplayer's folder. It won't write either anything in the Windows registry. See Portable_Edition.txt for details.
* Added the Slovenian translation.

Posted by Ricardo Villalba 2008-08-14